Sunday, January 20, 2013

Day 6 on the Carnival Breeze

January 10, 2013  Aruba

I went on a Best of Aruba with Beach Break trip. But I forgot my camera in the stateroom.  I had backup - an underwater camera that supposedly takes outdoor photos too. Eventually those will get developed. A brief review of my tour:

Best of Aruba plus Beach Break - booked through Carnival. Everyone was off the ship and on the motorcoach about 45 minutes early, so we left early. We got 45 minutes extra because we still got back as scheduled!  We went to rock formations, and the natural bridge. Neat to see the neighborhoods. Very informational and friendly guide/driver.  We saw the lighthouse - it's a lighthouse.  The key part of the excursion was the beach.  Two hours at a beach that offered something for everyone. I spent $3 on a beach chair for my stuff and then spent 90 minutes in the water. Sandy and beautiful.  There was a restaurant and bar and all kinds of water sports if you were interested, from parasailing to big inflatable things that a powerboat would drag you on. I thought the tour included the aloe plant farm, but we didn't go there, but really, if I were doing it again, it would be full time at the beach.

Rodd and E went on a Jeep Tour of Aruba's north coast, with a beach break.  They didn't take a photo of the jeep.  Or the beach.

We did love the Aruba electric boxes.  No profile of a full body! This is a scary skeleton instead.

 They went to an ostrich farm.  No recommendations on that one. Kinda gross.
 Both our tours went here - beautiful!

The remaining Natural Bridge:

Gold Mine Ruins

Both our tours went here, too. California Lighthouse. Not worth the 15-minute stop. It's a lighthouse. Done.
Evening movie on the Lido deck  - E and the friend he made.  We loved these seating choices on Deck 11. 
On Thursday night, the 9-11 year olds were supposed to have a party from 10 pm to 3 am.  But, we got a call around 11 pm that not enough kids signed up, so they were going to close it down at midnight. E was pretty disappointed. He loves staying up late.

Rodd and I went to the Steakhouse, Fahrenheit 55, on Thursday night.  For my food-loving friends, we took photos.

First - we didn't order this. It came out, "compliments of the chef."  Rodd and I eat out at nice places but haven't had this before, so it was kind of confusing.   For me, I was given a tomato soup/bisque. Pretty good.

Rodd ate what he was given, but we have no idea what it was.
For our first (ordered) course, Rodd ordered the beef carpaccio. 
I ordered the crab cake.  Very good.
 Rodd got the Caesar salad.
I have the beefsteak tomatoes with gorgonzola.  Very good, but a little more balsamic would have been even better.

 Guess we could have asked a server to take a photo of us together!

For main course, Rodd got fillet. It was melt-in-your mouth amazing. 
I ordered the New York strip. It was good.  If I had not tried Rodd's filet, I would have loved it. Do you see what's on top of the steak?  An entire head of roasted garlic. Yum.
Then, time for dessert.  
Cheesecake for me.

 Rodd ordered the cheese dessert plate. It was enough for a party of 30.

We took our leftover desserts back to the stateroom for E to enjoy when he got back from Camp Carnival.

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