Saturday, January 19, 2013

Carnival Breeze Day 1 - Jan 5, 2013

We flew into Ft. Lauderdale the day before the cruise and took SAS to Port of Miami Holiday Inn. SAS was very quick and professional and good driver.

Spent night at Holiday Inn. It was right next to Bayside Marketplace and American Airlines Arena. 
The hotel was about a quarter-mile from a Walgreens which was great because our son forgot his bedtime allergy medicine, but they easily refilled it for us. Whew!
View from our room - American Airlines Arena is the big white building.

View from our room - Bayside Market is just across the street

In the afternoon, we went to Let's Make a Daquiri! for drinks/smoothies, then to dinner at the Nicaraguan steakhouse, Los Ranchos. It was the BEST steak we had in ages, before and since.
That night, we took a sightseeing tour that turned into a disco cruise
On Saturday morning, we checked out of the Holiday Inn, but stayed there at the pool until it was time to get on the ship.  Perfect time for last-minute social media before eight days without (for the parents) and swimming (for the kid).

We then took cab at 1 pm to the port.  We arrived when told, and saw people who had not done that and had to stand forever, waiting until their turn.  Foro us, we got in, went through, and boarded  the ship - never even stopped for a minute -- embarking went extremely smoothly and staff were friendly.  
Checking in and showing ID

Luggage being loaded onto the Breeze
Time to get on board!

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