Saturday, January 19, 2013

Day 4 on the Carnival Breeze

January 8, 2013
La Romana, Domincan Republic

All of our mornings (except one) began the same way:  Blue Iguana for breakfast burritos. And mimosas some days.
E went for habernero sauce.  Crazy kid.

 After breakfast, we went to the atrium to wait for our excursion.

We took a speed boat to Saona Island.  Here's the boat:

It was one WILD ride.  The sky and water were beautiful.

When we got to the island, E and I spent the entire time in the ocean. 

Rodd spent some time drinking beer and reading.

The view, looking up.

Then, back on the speedboat.

Next, we stopped for an hour at what they called "Natural Swimming Pool."  I have never, ever, been anywhere so beautiful.  Water was about 3 feet deep, totally sandy beach, giant star fish, and oh, the view. Amazing.

The view heading back to the ship on the speedboat:

E got back in time for the day's scavenger hunt, and stayed for other activities. Rodd and I went to Serenity Deck. Nobody was up there! We stayed until it got dark and the bar was closing because it was windy.
At night, the three of us tried to watch a movie at the Dive-In Theater, but it was just too loud. Some people had been having a LOT of fun all day and were getting obnoxious.  But of course there were plenty of other fun options.
Sports Square

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