Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I know what happened in 1985. This is NOT it.

Model Home: A Novel Model Home: A Novel by Eric Puchner

I'm still reading this but I'm PISSED.  Where was Mr Puchner's editor? Part 1 takes place in 1985 and there are tons of errors - I must assume that his editor was just a child (if that) in 1985 because so many things did NOT happen in 1985.  A few examples: we did not say "mosh" in 1985. It was called slam dancing.  How could the father take money from the son's 529 plan when 529s were established in 1996? In the 1980s we said handicapped, not disabled.  It's so sloppy.  I like the book and will continue on, but this is bothersome to me, and I expect better from this publishing house.

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